SWAN / PPChem Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar, Wadowice, Poland

Download Invitation, Agenda and Registration Form for this 2-day Seminar. Dedicated to Todays Challenges in the Water Chemistry Analysis in Thermal Power Plants with Prominent Guest Speakers. May (7), 8 to 9, 2014 at the MLYN JACKA Hotel & Spa, Wadowice, Poland.

February 2014 - Editorial

Dear PowerPlant Chemistry readers:

In the last issue's editor's comments (November/December 2013) Albert Bursik, founder and editor of our journal, said goodbye and thanked all those who have contributed to the journal during the first fifteen years of its publication. This time it's our turn to express our gratitude. Albert Bursik has been our editor-in-chief for the past fifteen years and it is due to his commitment that our journal exists. We are all very thankful for the work he has done, be it convincing potential authors to publish their papers in our journal, improving papers together with the authors to the point of excellence, or sharing his immense professional knowledge of power plant chemistry.

It is because of that very commitment to our journal that his retirement will only behalf of one: we are pleased to announce that he is taking a seat on the International Advisory Board (IAB) of our journal. So his expertise will still be available – for critically reviewing the submitted papers or, if we are lucky, even contributing papers from time to time. As a starter, you can find the conclusion of his "To Be, or Not to Be" series in this issue on page 48.

The second change in the IAB is the retirement of one of our long-time members of the Board, Michael Sadler, who has been our advisor and referee for ion exchange, makeup water treatment and condensate polishing. He has been a member of the Board from the beginning of our journal and has reviewed many of the contributions published in the last fifteen years. For this support we are all very grateful and wish him all the best for the future.

That's all. Remain true to us and do not forget: The best source of the latest information on power plant chemistry is and always has been a subscription to our journal.

Tapio Werder
Editorial Assistant

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