Last updated: 27.09.2018

August 2018 - Editorial

Dear PowerPlant Chemistry readers:

Finally, the production of the latest issue has come to an end. During its production, we have had several delays and therefore haven't been able to meet our editorial schedule – we apologize to all of you for the delays and promise to do better again in the future.

In the past weeks, several conferences have taken place: the 12th International Conference on Cycle Chemistry in Fossil and Combined Cycle HRSG Plants was held June 26–28, 2018, in Arlington, Virginia, USA, by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Pre- and postconference workshops were conducted on cycle chemistry program treatment and optimization and on neutralizing amines and film-forming products (FFP). The conference was attended by more than 130 professionals from 11 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Guatemala, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States. The press release can be found here.

Between September 2 and 7, 2018, 140 scientists and engineers representing 27 countries convened in Prague, Czech Republic, for the 17th International Conference on the Properties of Water and Steam (ICPWS) and the annual meetings of the IAPWS Executive Committee and Working Groups. The ICPWS conferences began in 1929 in London, United Kingdom, and are typically held every fourth or fifth year in conjunction with the annual IAPWS meetings. The purpose of the conference is to connect scientists with the engineers who use their information, providing the researchers with guidance on useful problems and the engineers with the latest research results.The press release can be found here.

Looking to the future I would like to remind you about a few upcoming events in which our journal is involved with the organization.

The most important event is the PowerPlant Chemistry Forum in Delhi, India, on November 22 and 23, 2018. The conference will consist of both invited and contributed technical papers – please find more information here. The Forum will host both international and local speakers who will be sharing the latest developments in the field of power plant chemistry. The Forum provides a platform to acquire knowledge and insights through discussions and presents an opportunity to share one's own expert opinions and experiences. We value your influential contributions and hope to see you in Delhi!

The Third International Conference on Film Forming Substances (FFS 2019) will be held in Heidelberg, Germany, on March 19 to 21, 2019; please find the first announcement and call for papers here.

The last conference series I would like to mention here is the annual meeting of the European HRSG Forum (EHF). The Sixth Meeting of the EHF (European HRSG Forum) will be held on May 14–16, 2019, in Athens, Greece. The PowerPlant Chemistry Journal is the media partner of this event series; please find the first announcement and call for papers here.

As we can't have our eyes and ears everywhere, it is possible that we might overlook one event or another; if you think that there is an important event missing from our events calendar, please let us know!

I'm looking forward to your letters and e-mails!

Tapio Werder
PowerPlant Chemistry® Journal

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