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8340 Hinwil
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President: T. Götsch
Registered: CHE-114.911.150
VAT Id.No.: CHE-483.011.210 MWST

Responsible: T. Werder (Switzerland)

PowerPlant Chemistry® Journal (ISSN 1438-5325)

Waesseri GmbH
P.O. Box 433
8340 Hinwil
Phone: +41 (0)44 940 23 00

Editor: T.Werder (Switzerland)

International Advisory Board:
Professor A. Bursik (Germany)
R. B. Dooley (UK)
 Structural Integrity Associates
M. Gruszkiewicz (USA)
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Professor D. D. Macdonald (USA)
  U.C. Berkeley
B. Stellwag (Germany)
R. Svoboda (Switzerland)
M. Rziha (Germany)

Copyediting and proofreading:
K. Brock (USA/Germany)

Graphics and Layout:
te.gra – Büro für Technische Grafik (Germany)

Appenzeller Druckerei (Switzerland)

PowerPlant Chemistry® is published 6 times a year

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The authors, the editors, and the publisher do not warrant the information contained in the journal.

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