June 2015 - Editorial

Dear PowerPlant Chemistry readers:

In these comments I would like to direct your attention to three important topics.

As announced in the last issue, PowerPlant Chemistry was a sponsor of the Second Meeting of the EHF (European HRSG Forum) at the beginning of May in Munich. The aim of the EHF is to provide a forum for interactive discussion by heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) users on topics related to the daily operation of their plants. The conference was a big success and I'm looking forward to publishing some of the very interesting papers that were presented during those three days in the upcoming issues. A summary of the conference will follow in the next issue; in this issue we have the pleasure to already publish the presentation held by Albert Bursik, founder of this journal and editor for 15 years.

The second topic is the never-ending quest for appropriate papers to publish in our journal. Of course we are not only interested in papers which have been presented at conferences. If you are a person working in power plant chemistry, I would like to encourage you to submit a paper for publication in our journal. Share your experience with your colleagues in other plants and the entire power generation market. I am already looking forward to your letters and e-mails announcing a future contribution to our journal.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to future conferences and meetings. Our events calendar aims to be as informative as possible. We try to list all important events in all power plant chemistry areas from all over the world. As we can't have our eyes and ears everywhere, it is possible that we might overlook one event or another; if you think that there is a relevant event missing, please let us know!

A major event in the next month will be the IAPWS Annual Meeting 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 28 to July 3 - I hope to see you there!

That's it for now - I hope you enjoy reading the articles!

Tapio Werder
PowerPlant Chemistry® Journal

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