April 2015 - Editorial

Dear PowerPlant Chemistry readers:

On the page opposite these comments you will find a list of important plant cycle chemistry-related conferences taking place this year. While most of the conferences are in the United States or in Europe, our readership is from all over the world. As some of our readers aren't able to attend these conferences due to insufficient travelling resources, it is our goal to inform our readers about recent conferences and to have interesting presentations from those meetings published in our journal.

It is not always an easy task – due to lack of time, conference presentations are often available only as presentations and do not appear as a paper in conference proceedings. Therefore every presentation which finds its way into our journal is a special one, insofar as the authors have taken their time and resources to present to you, our readers, their latest research and developments in their cycle chemistry field.

In cases where conference organizers have published proceedings the challenges are even bigger, as we start dealing with copyrights and financial interests. Nevertheless, we try our best and will continue to look for papers that are of interest to our readers.

This time our focus has been on the International Water Conference®, which took place in San Antonio, TX, U.S.A., in November 2014. We are proud to present to you three papers from this conference. For all of those who weren't able to attend: let us know which presentations you would like to see published as well and we will try our best to have them in this journal. The proceedings of the conference are available on the organizer's homepage.

Of course we are always interested in papers which haven't been presented at a conference yet. I am already looking forward to your letters and e-mails announcing a future contribution to our journal.

On a different note: PowerPlant Chemistry is the media partner of The Second Meeting of the EHF (European HRSG Forum). The conference will be taking place in Munich, Germany, on May 11–13, 2015. Mark this event in your calendar – the details of the event can be found in the announcement on page 98. I hope to see you there.

That's it for now – I hope you enjoy reading the articles!

Tapio Werder
PowerPlant Chemistry® Journal

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